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Sinus Augmentation

Loss of back teeth can result in excessive force on the remaining teeth. Fortunately, the missing teeth can usually be replaced using dental implants and crowns. However, sometimes, there may not be enough bone needed for dental implants because the sinus cavities may be too close to the roof of the mouth.

A simple procedure can reposition the sinus floor, creating enough space to properly install an implant. Bone grafts can encourage new bone to grow more quickly into these areas.

Sometimes, it's even posible to gently lift the floor of the “dropped” sinus.  Bone replacement material can then placed beneath this lifted bone.  Eventually, the bone material will be replaced as your body grows new bone into this area.

Sinus augmentation procedures have a high rate of success. After allowing plenty of time for healing (6-10 months), dental implants can be placed with great success. Even if the first sinus augmentation procedure doesn't result in enough bone for implant placement, additional bone may be regenerated through a second sinus augmentation at the time of implant.